This new category will contain recipes and ideas that follow the KISS rule and are fool-proof. They will only be published
if they were successful the first time and every time thereafter. If I can make these things,  ANYBODY can!
Tummy Teasers
Thai Chicken or Pork Satay

Spanish to English + English to Spanish
Gastronomic Translator
Herb, Spice and Baking Ingredient
Sailsoon  Pizza Dough
Lobster Bisque
Quick and tasty, especially if you can buy
the lobster. But then what would hunter
John do with his time? And fresh has to be
better! Try substituting fish or other shell
fish (heck, I'll bet potatoes even work)
Cinnamon-Raisin Ring/Buns/Bread
Don't go without pie! You can do this! Make
my  "Patch" Pie Crust
And end up with an easy Key Lime Pie
Spicy Thai Glaze
Alcohol Ingredient Substitution
Herb Ingredient Substitution
Spice Ingredient Substitution
Assorted Ingredient Substitutions
Ingredient Substitutions
Thanks  to Spice Islands and The
Joy of Cooking Website
A Loaf of Bread, Rolls or Bread Sticks
U.S. to Metric Conversion Chart
Creamy Broccoli Slaw
Egg-less Chocolate Crazy Cake
Fantastic and Simple One Dish
Dinners and Desserts from
If you're lucky enough to have an
Internet connection, check out
this site. I'm putting a couple of
the recipes in our website for
those times when we don't!
1-Dish Chicken Enchilada
1-Dish Apple Coffee Cake
Soft Pretzels!
1-Dish Cinnamon Swirl
Chicken Tortilla
Bridgie Style