Zihuatanejo Bay, Guerrero, Mexico
It was a nice morning with the promise of a relaxing day, perhaps we'd do a local walking tour of Santiago Bay.
After all, we had some time to explore since we were in no need to turn and head north.
"Kellie and I, along with the folks from Southern Belle, are heading down to Zihuat. Would you care to buddy
boat with us?" says Dave, captain and good friend from s/v Sweet Lorraine. He had stopped by on his dinghy
about 9:30 AM to inquire and advise.
John and I looked at each other. Hum.....we hadn't really thought we'd go farther south. "When and at what
time?" one of us asked.
"Oh, in about an hour". Clearly he meant today. "My birthday is on Wednesday so we'll have a party there and
wait for Uncle Jerry". Uncle Jerry is David's uncle, the twin to his late dad. He was coming down from
Ventura, CA later in the month.
Geez! We'd heard all kinds of comments about "Z" town so we'd sort of ruled it out as a destination. It was
developed as a tourist town, the water was dirty and it drew crowds similar to those we experienced in Cabo
San Lucas. The biggest thing of all was that it was almost 200 miles with few overnight anchorages. With
favorable wind, that would be 40 hours at 5 knots. This equates to nearly 2 days...and, for what???
John and I looked at each other again. "Ok, let's go!". Not sure which of us said it but we were certainly in
agreement. We set to preparing the boat for passage and we're underway within the hour. This is what happens
when you get the "itch" we spoke of in the Santiago Bay story.
We made the passage as one straight shot but stopped and dropped anchor at Isla Ixtapa, 10 miles north of
Zihuat, just before dark on day 2. Melinda of s/v Southern Belle prepared snacks while hubby George launched
his dinghy and gathered the Sweet Lorraine and Sailsoon crew to join them. An hour or so later we were back
on our own boats and settled in for a good long rest.
We buddy boated  to Zihuat the following day with Southern Belle leading the way. Since they had been in the
area the previous year, we felt secure in knowing that although we looked dangerously close to all the rocks, we
were in safe hands as we cruised the shoreline.
We discovered the truth about Zihuat. Yes, the water isn't as clean as we'd like it. Suffice it to say we wouldn't
swim in water at Playa Madera, which is where we opted to anchor. However, we would swim at Playa la
Ropa or Playa las Gatas, which is a short (< 1 mile) dinghy trip on the south side of the bay. It doesn't compare
to Cabo San Lucas as far as water traffic. In a week's time we saw 2 cruise ships, each staying about 12 hours.
The passengers who opted to use the water sports toys were well behaved. The town is clean, people are
friendly, it's inexpensive and just lovely. The grocery store is within walking distance (and it's a large
Commercial Mexicana) but you can get a taxi for $2.00 if you don't want to carry heavy things back.
Dave's birthday was celebrated on the beach at Playa Las Gatas. The "regulars" were in attendance; Southern
Belle, V'ger, Nakia,and Sailsoon. Lots of fluids and snacks were enjoyed along with a game of bocci ball. Some
of the group proceeded  to play volleyball with another set of cruisers at Playa La Ropa. Others went back to
their boats to rest.  The day was finished off with a walk of the town and dinner. This day signified the
beginning of the 1st Annual Dave Fest which continued to run through the weekend. Photos will do the talking
from here on what Zihaut is all about. We've been here a week and have no plans to go farther south.....but
then again, who knows?! There are several cruisers in this area who are heading to Central and So. America
over the next few weeks......
First Annual DaveFest 2008 - Zihuatanejo
Our automatic bottle opener, Josh (Southern
. He's getting a heck of an education
OK girls, chest out, tummy in. Good Kellie.
Dave (Sweet Lorraine) making sure our meal
will be good. Real good.
The gang waiting for dinner at Los Braceros,
Dave (Sweet Lorraine), the birthday boy,
playing 'what is
this gift'?
John (s/v Nakia) enjoying the festivities.
Alot of things are still done the 'old
fashioned' way here.
Clock tower on the Zihuatanejo
Catholic school grounds.
Southern Belle leading the way past Ixtapa
and into Bahia Zihuatanejo.
Local Color - Lucha Libre  (Freestyle Wrestling)
To the utter delight of the 500 fans Dave(L) and
George(R) actually climbed into the ring for a
short match before security threw them out.
This is the reaction Dave(Sweet Lorraine)
received when he told this local he could take him
in the ring.
Who are these masked men?
(Sweet Lorraine) + (R)George(Southern
The lovely lady is Kellie (Sweet Lorraine)
Lots of action...
Tim(Hooligan) whispering to Dave that he looks
more like a KKK member than a wrestler with
his mask up.
...and lots of color.
Fresh baked bread from the central
Our view from the boat in Zihuat.
Lovely Zihuatanejo Bay.
They're making fresh chorizo sausage.
The local car wash.