Photos - Tenacatita, Jalisco, Mexico
We were going to "fast track it" south. The plan was to stay 2, maybe
3 days in Tenacatita before moving on. We wanted to experience the
dinghy jungle trip, check on any local hikes, perhaps snorkel the
"acuario" and leave. 7 days later we're wondering if there's really any
reason to head south. This place was just so nice! The inner anchorage
was fairly comfortable; the beach clean and uncrowded. The surf was
great for body surfing and practicing those dinghy landings. We studied
other cruisers' techniques with horror and delight as they negotiated the
surf and succeeded or got slammed and toppled. We learned to
ALWAYS wear a bathing suit and put EVERYTHING in a waterproof
bag. No matter how cautious, the fact is you're going to get wet both
coming and going!  Best of all, the air was 85 degrees and the water in
the high 70's. No wonder they call this the Gold Coast! There's a
resident dolphin who continually swims around . Occasionally he
scratches his body on the anchor chains. Do dolphins ever rest?
We made our 2nd trip up the river by dinghy with Dave and Kellie of
s/v Sweet Lorraine and George, Melinda and Josh of s/v Southern
Belle. That's when we spotted a jaguar perched on a limb hanging over
the water. Of course, our motors scared it off and it ran into the woods
before any photos could be taken. But we have witnesses!!! We took
our 3rd trip up the river on the kayak hoping to spot the large cat or
perhaps some crocodiles but had no luck. Maybe that's a good
Both beaches, the one at the acuario (which we accessed by the river
trip and then walked) and the inner harbor, are excellent places to
spend the day. And spend the days..several of exactly what
we did! It felt like we were on vacation. : )
Jungle River Dingy Trip - Tenacatita
This picture was not taken by us. But it is a
great picture of what we did see on our dingy
ride up the river in Tenacatita. A jaguar on a
Dave + Kelly (Sweet Lorraine) in
the narrows.
George, Melinda and son Josh (Southern Belle)
Sweet Lorraine and Southern Belle going up
the river.
The beach at the end of the jungle river ride.
The gang ready for a seafood feast. l-r John
Sailsoon), Josh, Melinda, George (Southern
),       Dave+Kelly (Sweet Lorraine)
Locals filleting Dorado. The big guy is a sailfish.
La Manzanillo, the other side of the bay.
reported to have good snorkeling.