When we departed  the Baja last winter we opted to  bypass Mazatlan and
work our way south. The reasoning behind this was simple. Cruisers seem to
adapt well to the slower life. The "manana" philosophy  takes hold. Before you
know it weeks, maybe even months, have passed and we're still in the same
spot. We get busy doing all sorts of things..but let's not go there! We wanted to
see Mainland Mexico without getting "stuck". However, we set aside a month on
the way back up and we're here to share this wonderful city with you!
Mazatlan is a well rounded city, no doubt about it. It offers a balance of it's
original existence and  modern development. The large commercial port houses
an extensive number of fishing boats and provides services to cruise ships and
cargo freighters from around the world. It also offers a small harbor for pleasure
boats. Mazatlan  prides itself on many things including their contribution to the
arts, their consideration for the environment and medical excellence. We spent
the first 2 weeks in the Old Harbor followed by another 2 at the Singlar Marina
in the north of the city. By doing so we were able to take full advantage of our
time and explore the city from one end to the other. Let it be said that we spent a
LOT of time visiting with friends and eating, eating, eating!
Enough can always get specific info check out the
The Old Harbor and Commercial Shipping Port
El Centro Historical District and Malecon
We hiked to the top of the Mazatlan Lighthouse..see
description in the next photo.
These young men weren't just out to romp in the water. They carried net bags and harvested crabs (or something of the sort) once they reached the outer pinnacle. Tough way to get a lunch,
wouldn't you say?
The lighthouse is an easy hike if you go at sunrise
before it gets too warm.
Tug boats are at the ready to assist large ocean going
A view from the trail to the lighthouse trail of the
sewerage processing plant across from the old harbor
The road to the old section of town has some nice views
In the early evenings fishermen with nets would capture
the fish that resided under our boat
Young children express their artistic abilities on this
designated wall
Looking north from the old harbor towards the center of Mazatlan
The old harbor (foreground) with the shipping/cruise
port and fishing fleet
Notice a tug on each end..this is one large ferry!
Many fine buildings surround Plaza Machado. This area is
frequented by locals families in the evenings.
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception at
Plaza Principal
A look at the recently restored inside
courtyard of Peralta Theater
A wedding was to take place and this
princess waited for her cue to assist.
Music Day is celebrated in early June. Several stages were set
up around the Centro where musicians played music well into
the night. People of all ages gathered to enjoy the festivities.
And the event is free!
Everyone else has finished eating and
Cindy is still waiting  for her soup to cool
The Sailsoon Social Scene
La Brochetta..rated #1 in our book...and these folks
agree. Careful with that bone Paula!
Eileen at the helm while son Adrien guides from the
Casey, how about using a glass?
A farewell dinner for Tim and Paula of s/v Hooligan who
were taking a sabbatical from cruising to travel the U.S.
and camp this summer.
Finally! We meet up with Eileen and Adrien of s/v Flying
Cloud for a quick lunch. We sure missed you guys. (they got
"stuck" in Mazatlan for the winter)
Doc, it's my foot that's swollen. You're chocking my whole leg
with this device!
A Sad Day...s/v Flying Cloud goes on the "hard"
L To R: Rich s/v Came to Believe, Paula and Tim
s/v Hooligan, Tim and Cindy s/v Masquerade,
John s/v Sailsoon and Annette s/v Came to Believe
Couples in the crowd: Paula and Tim s/v Hooligan,
Marni and Peter s/v Two Pieces of Eight,Cindy and
Tim s/v Masquerade, Annie and Casey s/v V'Ger
Originally built in 1874, the theater was
in ruins after a period of several years.
Restored 1987 and reopened 1992
Approaching the Singlar Yard, Andrea and Karl of
s/v 4 P.A.C.K. are also on board to help.
Up, up, up she goes!
After a few minor hoist adjustments, s/v Flying Cloud
reaches it's new, temporary home on the hard.
It's nail biting time as she's hoisted. L to R: John s/v
Sailsoon, Eileen and Adrien s/v Flying Cloud,  
Andrea, Casey and Karl, s/v 4 P.A.C.K.
With the boat placed in the slings, the gang
disembarks on dinghy 4 P.A.C.K. to watch the
A Special Event... National Smoke Out Day!
.....Well actually, the translation is "World Day Without Smoke", " A world without Tobacco" and we couldn't agree more! We happened upon this
fantastic show of talented young people and were lucky to have our camera. It rounded out a perfect day in Mazatlan!