Photos - Isla Isabela, Mexico
From a distance, Isla Isabela doesn't have much appeal. It looks a bit barren. Approaching from 6 miles out we
had to avoid fishing long lines and nets in an effort to keep the prop from fouling. The anchorage is "tricky" with
submerged pinnacles, a rocky bottom and quite an ocean surge.   However, the water was crystal clear with
visibility to the bottom at 30+'. The whale exhibitions made up for the discomforting rock and roll effect. The
next day  we put the dinghy in the water, picked up Ray and Jayne (s/v Adios) and decided to visit this National
Wildlife Preserve. It took only a few onshore steps to understand why Jacques Cousteau visited some 30 years
ago to film  rare frigate nests. The island  is home to booby birds, iguanas  and has an abundant marine life as
well. The four of us hiked inland and traversed many trails covering most of the island. Some areas were arid
and dry while others areas were quite tropical and jungle like. We got quite the workout and took
hundreds of
By the way, we had planned to spend a few days longer to do some diving/snorkeling. However, the
again became a nuisance. An unseasonable southerly wind had started, bringing even more fetch to the
anchorage. Predictions for unsettled upcoming weather left us with no choice but to move on. As much as we
enjoyed Isla Isabela, we found it necessary to make a note in our log that the island should be visited only in
calm weather. On Dec. 10th, we hoisted the anchor and set sail for San Blas Estuary, some 40 miles to the East
and our first stop on Mainland Mexico.

We'll let the photos do the talking from here on out on Isla Isabela.
The official Isla Isabel Park sign
Local fishermen live in huts in this remote area
This iguana looks at us as if to say "and what are you doing
The jungle area included banana trees and spiders!
A young booby and his mom enjoy a restful day
Jayne (s/v Adios) leads the way back to the anchorage
Frigate birds are what make this island famous. Always wear
a'll need it..and be careful when you look up!
A happy booby, dad and hatchling..notice the
green feet
Ace photographer, Bridgie, close and personal.
Maybe a little wrinkle cream is in order?
If you wander off you'll get lost
Butterflies rarely sit still for a photo
Bunches of bananas just out of reach!
This is the reason for wearing a hat!
Isn't it amazing that the eggs don't get crushed?
Ray and Jayne (s/v Adios) taking a rest
Like we said, the island has a diverse landscape
An unsolved mystery...each  nest had 2 eggs but there was
only one hatchling per pair of birds
Is this a banana blossom?
Iguana's come in all sizes. This was a very crowded area.
Would this be a good boat pet? He eats insects.......
The east side of the island facing the Pacific Ocean
Scientific research groups come from all over the world to
study the frigates. They pitch their tents here. Basic, isn't it?
The fish "camps" are painted a lovely shade of red
"What were you saying, mom?"
Plenty of birds on watch to protect the off-spring
A little preening, a peck and a poke is all it takes to keep the
youngster groomed