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Giant Hawkfish
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse
Bumphead Damselfish
Rockmover Wrasse, juvenile.
(brown to right of starfish)
Bullseye Stingray
Graybar Grunt
Spotted Sharpnose Puffer
Giant Damselfish
Panamic Fanged Blenny
Latin Grunt
Rockfish ?
Finescale Triggerfish
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse(m)
Round Stingray
Jewel Moray
Panamic Sergeant Major
Panamic Green Moray
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse(f)
Cortez Angelfish
Yellow Jack
King + Cortez Angelfish
Leopard Grouper
Blue-and-Yellow Chromis
Threebanded Butterflyfish
Mexican Hogfish(f)
Dog Snapper