Photos - Concordia and Copala, Mexico
Where can we go for a day and experience a true bit of
authentic Mexico? We want a place we can explore from
Mazatlan by bus with our good friends Greg and Jill of s/v
Guenevere. We are willing to get up early, don our tennis shoes
and take the risk of a late return back to the boats. We scoured
our maps and travel guides before settling on Concordia and
As with most bus services in Mexico, one way tickets are sold
with departures from one major "city" offering arrivals to
another. Intermittent stops along the way occur as a passenger
directs the driver to "stop". With a bit of luck there will be a
return trip. Of course, the ticket sellers don't have access to this
info so you're basically left to your own wits and courage as
you board for your adventure.
So,on the morning of June 16th we set off on the road to
discovery. Our first stop was Concordia. After traveling for a
couple of hours our stomachs were telling us that the roadside
taco stand was "good enough". We had a satisfying taco
breakfast complete with a Coke (coffee isn't readily available,
area and then, at our request, drove us  to Copala.  The ride  
took about 45 minutes along a 2 lane winding road through a
lovely mountainous region. What a surprise this village turned
out to be! The red roofed houses, nestled into the hillsides,
were painted in vibrant colors. The roads were made of
cobblestone. The people were friendly and welcoming. A quaint
place, indeed! Our visit lasted a few hours allowing enough time
for a wonderful lunch at a restaurant overlooking the valley
below. As promised, our taxi driver arrived at the appointed
time to take us back to Concordia, where we (just in the nick of
time) were able to catch the bus back to Mazatlan. We were all
in agreement that a future trip to Copala was in order and an
overnight stay was a must!
Greg, Jill and I discuss our small boat storage options
An open air furniture factory. One piece at a time!
The production line has stopped for lunch
Today's wandering pigs are tomorrow's pork roast!
A pottery graveyard
Wonder if this oven doubles as a pizza oven?
Church of St. Joseph in Copala
Hotel (cart below) provided  comfort for those
working the mines. It was open from 1894 to
1907. Notice the warning on the side of the
cart: "don't tie your burros here"
The details, inside and out, are impressive!