Leg 9 - Cabo San Lucas to La Paz
Leg 9 - Cabo to La Paz
March 24 2007
150 nm/28 hrs

After enduring one too many jet-skiers using our boat for a turning mark we are ready to leave Cabo. Cabo
is definitely one of the party capitals of the world. As usual for this time of year weather dictates when and
for how long we will be going anywhere. This time we have four days to cross the bottom of baja and get to
La Paz before the next big blow. Luckily we be traveling the inside of baja which has more anchorages with
shorter distances between them. Our route will take us on three day sails of about 50 nm each with over
nights on the hook in nice bays. On the way to our first stop, Bahia Frailes, we see many whales breeching
in the distance. All heading for their northern home.
Bahia Frailes is beautiful and it was too bad we could not spend more time in the surrounding waters. We
will be back. Another daysail and we were in Bahia de Los Muertos. We arrived on Sunday and the beach
was packed. We ended up anchoring in 11 feet of water about 50 feet from the beach. Kinda noisy after the
tranquil beach at Frailes.
First light had us weighing anchor for our final leg to La Paz. The weather was cooperating and it was
smooth sailing thru the Cerralvo Channel which can get quite nasty. The biggest swell we saw came from a
200+ foot mega-yacht (with helicopter) that blasted by us.
As we came up to the  turn into Canal de San Lorenzo a good sized freighter was moving up from behind.
Since the opening at the turn is only a mile wide and 35-40 deep with a shoal and rocks on both sides we
wanted to be sure that there was enough room for the two of us. We tried hailing the freighter to give her our
intended course. No answer. She was quickly coming right up on our stern. Another quick radio call. No
answer. She was now less than 1/8 mile off our stern looking quite menacing. We guessed her strategy was,
we would get out of the way soon. We decided to circle off, let her pass and come into her wake.
Sometimes it pays to take the safe route. She motored past us without a peep. We passed the shoal with
about 37 ft under the keel.
We decided that we would try to get a slip at Marina Costa Baja in La Paz. Our friends had told us it was a
new marina/resort and not too expensive. We radioed ahead and reserved the last available slip.
The entrance to La Paz consists of a long channel (5 nm) marked with green and red buoys. Our cruising
guides show the entrance to Marina Costa Baja near the entrance of the La Paz channel. As we rounded
Punta Prieta we could see the marker buoys. We feet. 20, 16, 12, 8. Oh jeez the keel is 6 feet deep and the
low water alarm is blaring. SLOW DOWN! Gauge shows 6 feet now. feet. 20, 16, 12, 8. Oh jeez the keel is
6 feet deep and the low water alarm is blaring. SLOW DOWN! Gauge shows 6 feet now. Maybe we can slip
through. No way...we come to stop. Sailsoon is grounded. Quick into reverse, throttle up. More throttle.
Come on baby move a little, just a little. S-l-o-w-l-y moving back. Now for a way out of here. We turn
around and move forward slowly and cautiously. Watching the depth meter and trying to follow our way in
to get out. Bump-bump-bump. After sweating for what seems an eternity we are in deeper water. Now what
went wrong? We survey the horizon and spot the first set of buoy markers. We had inadvertently tried to
cross the shoals between the first and second pairs of buoys.
We finally pulled up to the fuel dock and checked in to last available slip at
Marina Costa Baja.
Pictures of our stay in Cabo
Watch Bridget's latest video clip.
One of the posh resorts along the east cape of baja.
Bahia Frailes
Bahia Los Muertos
This 'rich and famous' boat went blasting by us about 20 miles south of La Paz.
Note helicopter on deck.
Most people in baja still fish for a living out of their pangas.
The freighter that wouldn't talk in the Ceralvo Channel.
Which way are the marker buoys?
Our resort like home for the next 3 weeks at Marina Costa Baja.
The beach at Marina Costa Baja. It's easy to find reasons to stay longer.