Leg 8 - Magdalena Bay to Cabo San Lucas
Leg 8 - Mag Bay to Cabo
March 17 2007
160 nm/28 hrs

It's 160 nm non-stop to Cabo. There are no places along this coast to duck into. We wanted to get into Cabo
before the 'cape effect' winds kicked up in the afternoon. We also wanted to leave during daylight to chance
seeing a whale or two while departing Mag Bay. So we left at 8:00 am to get us in around noon the next day.
We ended up only seeing a few whales off in the distance. We motor/sailed the entire way to ensure we would
beat the fierce afternoon winds around Cabo. The seas and winds were kind to us this time. We really
enjoyed the passage. We caught the obligatory Bonita along the way. We want a tuna! We want a tuna! The
wind did pipe up when we rounded Lands End. Then off in the distance we saw boats. All kinds of boats.
They were all hovering around the Cabo arch and Lover's beach, both Cabo landmarks. We negotiated the
traffic and entered Bahia San Lucas. Slips are about $130/night in Cabo so we dropped the hook about 50
yards off Mendano Beach.
Pictures of our stay in Cabo
First sighting of the end of the baja.
The lighthouse at Cabo Falso.
Cabo sprawl on the Pacific side.
Land's End. Rounding the Cabo San Lucas arch.