Leg 4 - San Diego to Ensenada
Leg 4 - San Diego to Ensenada
February 18 2007
67.1 nm/13 hrs

put us into Ensenada after dark. A strange harbor in a strange country. That would break our golden rule, no
after dark arrivals. The weather was going to make a change for the worse if we waited much longer. We
came to our senses and departed at 11pm Saturday night. So now we just needed to negotiate leaving a big
harbor at night with lots of traffic and confusing lights. Always a compromise. An hour of slow motoring and
watchful eyes finally freed us of San Diego.
The seas were calm, almost glassy out at sea. Just enough wind to keep us from rolling uncomfortably. Glad
we re-pitched the prop in San Diego to get better fuel mileage. After a couple of watch changes we were
nearing our destination. The wind has picked up and we are actually sailing without the motor at 6.2 kts.
Yeah baby, this is the way to do it! Arrived at Ensenada Harbor at 12 noon, a 13 hour passage.
Now for a place to park. Cruiseport Marina is the first opening so we pull in and dock at an empty end tie.
We can't seem to raise anyone on the VHF radio. Along comes a 'security guard'. He tells us the office is
closed on Sundays and directs us to a 60' slip with the wrong kind of power. After a good nights rest we
check-in with the office and are assigned a new slip. Now we just need to check-in to the country. Three
and a half hours and $105 at the Centro Integral de Servicios and we are officially in Mexico for the next 6
months. Yippee!
Hey, where is that tropical weather anyway?
Had to breakout the goose down jacket to get down
to Ensenada. Brrrr
First night at Cruiseport Marina, Ensenada, Mexico
the security guard put us in a 60 ft slip. We were
dwarfed by the mega-yachts around us.
on the other side of this quay.