Leg 2 - Santa Cruz to Santa Catalina
Leg 2 - Santa Cruz Island to Santa Catalina Island
February 4 2007
62.9 nm/13.3 hrs

Let's get up at midnight even though we are both really sick with nasty colds. Our rule is to always arrive at our
destination during the day. We are underway by 1:00 am for the 13 hr passage to Catalina. Only lost one of the
winch handles to King Neptune this time, damn. We checked and re-checked the weather reports. Light winds
and seas are on our back. Thank God. The dolphins are even leading our way under the full moon past Anacapa
Island. It was a lovely first sunrise at sea. Motor/sailed the entire way. Reached Isthmus, Catalina at 2:00 pm.
Took a mooring in Cherry Cove. Winter sailing has it's advantages. We are the only boat in the cove. Very tired
and happy our first night passage wasn't all that scary after all.
First sunrise at sea.
Land Ho! Catalina.
Enjoying the Catalina coast.
Isthmus Cove, Catalina