Summer in the Sea - 2008 Part 3 - Santa Rosalia to Bahia de Los Angeles
The storm passed and at the end of Aug. we headed for Caleta Blanca on
Isla de las Animas.
This would be a new area for us to discover as we
hadn't visited last year. In route our timing was poor; we were met with a
strong negative current that not only slowed our progress but presented us
with some steep waves to bash into. The water was swirling about and gave
the effect of  whirlpools in all directions. All in all, although a bit
uncomfortable, the trip went well. We set the anchor at 1:00PM in 18' of
water at high tide, since we were expecting an 8-9' tidal drop and we weren't
familiar with the contour of the ocean floor. Didn't want to wake up and be
sitting on the shores. or worse, rocks!
Wildlife is the largest draw in the Sea of Cortez.
Every day we were entertained by watching
dolphins (above) or the music of all types of
birds including pelicans (below)
John was the "on the water" weather reporter. He
"interpreted"  the weather forecasts several times
a day and made announcements via VHF and
SSB to anyone willing (wanting) to listen within
range. His diligence kept us out of harms way!
Have we ever mentioned the stingrays?
We sure should have! They are
everywhere, all the time. They range is
size from 2" diameter to over 3'. So,
shuffle those feet and/or wear your
footwear when at the beach!
The doctor had said we should eat more
fish..and John didn't need any more
incentive than that!
My favorite part of the boat is the cockpit, I
can read, star gaze, photograph the wildlife
and shower
Looks like we'll be having a yummy
meal with this Barred Pargo!
Annie and Casey of s/v V'ger
are hardy sailors. The wind was
a lovely 20+ knots and here
they come with all sails
unfurled. Nothing like having
the rail in the water, huh?
Now,  no big deal, right? Well
take a look at the narrow
channel (far right). There's very
little room for error when
passing  through. Rocks and
reefs reach to just under the
surface. One wrong move and a
hull puncture is likely. WE go
around the island and play it
One of our favorite spots is Isla Salsipuedes. We prefer to stay in the north slot but the wind was blowing from the north east making a
stay there impossible. Many cruisers forego this island and anchorages because it's a challenge to get to  and escape from. The area  is
susceptible to frequent wind direction changes. The slots are very narrow with high rock walls on each side. Bow and stern anchors are
recommended  A shift in wind (and thus swell), means you have to be ready at any time to pull up anchor and move out. And it always
seems to work that way. It's easy to be deceived by this anchorage.  By most accounts, the sun will be shining, the waters warm and calm
upon a daytime arrival . You feel like you've just discovered heaven. At dusk the winds start to pick up as do the seas. If you've played
your cards right you're in the protected anchorage. If not, well, you have to leave ...when it's dark and nasty, often in the company of
thunder and lightening! It's not one of those places where you can truly let your guard down. Nevertheless, it's simply beautiful!
Next stop- Isla Salsipuedes!
Our boogie board doubles as a floating bar. An
evening cocktail is prepared by Paul (s/v Tequila
Rose) while Kathy and I wade water patiently.
Somebody had to take the photo...thanks, John!
The Rose's have a single inflatable kayak but were
anxious to try our tandem one. Left, right, not exactly in
sync but it takes some practice
While cruising we accumulate trash. The non-
biodegradable stuff has to be burned.  Hence, John
and Paul took on that responsibility. They are
returning from duty..
A (very)  brief stop at Isla Partida
I couldn't locate any photos of Isla Partida but I do have
my log entry. We were very disappointed in the
anchorage(and perhaps that's why we don't have photos).
The water was pea soup green and about 90 degrees. The
cliff along the west side of the anchorage was the home
of many thousands of  birds. Where birds live, they poop.
The breeze carried the scent of bird poop over our boat
all afternoon. John was stung by a bee (not an unusual
thing to have happen but still.....). I decided to take a
swim while John napped. I was almost to shore when my
left arm from elbow to wrist started burning. I thought I
could wipe the pain away but in doing so it just got
worse. I swam back to the boat for some first aid to what
we now determined to be agua mali stings. A good
soaking of vinegar and a bit of time took care of the
problem  By morning all evidence and pain was gone. We
moved on to the next stop. No sense in staying in a place
like this!
Bahia El Pescador
We spent a few days at El Pescador. It, too, was
very nice and secluded. There was a great beach
for picnics and hiking. This was our first stop to
this anchorage; we returned later in the season on
our way south.
Bahia de Los Angeles...the "hurricane" safety region
By the time we made it to BLA, as it's called, most of the other cruising boats
had been there several weeks. They were able to supply us with info critical to
survival on the water: where are the stores; what day of the week are the fresh
veggies brought in;  which place offers fresh eggs, best taco stands, Internet
café location; bars that offer 2 for 1's and a hot shower. You know, the
important stuff! Between BLA and the surrounding islands we spent a few
weeks while waiting for hurricane season to pass.
The Full Moon Party starring Casey of V'ger. The party just wouldn't
be complete without this years PACIFICO PIN UP PAL!
Typically, Full Moon Parties
are held in summer during the
full moon. There are several
locations with estuaries that fill
up at  high tide and the water
rushes out into the Sea as the
levels subside. This is a
perfect time to "surf" those
rapids, stay cool and socialize.
This particular event was held
at La Gringa
Guard Dog Rocky (s/v Milagro) is not waiting for
mom and dad..he swims to the party
Buster (s/v Ceilidh) takes a rest on our cool boogie
board (it really is a multi-purpose item)
Patrick (s/v 4 P.A.C.K) is always ready for fun!
The crowd gathers in anticipation of great rushing
currents to take them out.
John converses with a man who has actually
traveled by truck camper to spend time in BLA
Paul and Kathy floating lazily downstream
So these are the rapids? Fun! Just my speed!
Clearly Buster doesn't want to get his feet wet. He's
waiting for that dry landing