Summer in the Sea - 2008 Part 1 - La Paz to Loreto
It is now mid September.  On June 15th we departed Mazatlan and made our
southern crossing to Bahia de Los Muertos where we started our northward
journey to Bahia de Los Angeles. Along the way we discovered several new
anchorages, visited more familiar ones and met new friends.
There are many contrasts to the previous year. In 2007 the official count of boats
cruising this 1000 miles of coast was just under 50. This season there are  half that
many.  Consequently, the anchorages are much less crowded. Often times we
were the only boat. The reality is, if we had chosen to be  recluse all the  time, we
could easily have done so. But then we would have missed the camaraderie and
great friendships we experienced along the way. What a difference a year makes!
The water clarity has been fantastic at just about every stop. Water temperatures
ranged from a "chilly"  82 degrees early in the season to the much more pleasant
(that's an opinion not all share!) of 90 degrees. Fishing, snorkeling and pool sports
have never been more enjoyable. Air temps are cooler than last year. We had a
few days in excess of 100 degrees but mostly they've been in the low to mid 90's.
Perhaps next year someone could work on the humidity factor, which ranged from
70 to 95% most of the time. We had our share of bees, flies, no see-em's and
giant moths (who are partial to glasses of red wine). The  count of jelly fish and  
agua male's (little stinging things in the water)was down, and UP for octopus and
lobster.  So far we've been spared threatening weather such as hurricanes.
We're loving this summer and would like to share a few of our days (ok, pages
worth!) in this collage of good times.........
Los Gatos has lovely red sandstone sculpted rocks
Jelly fish are clearly visible on the surface
Didn't they say the grass is always greener on the other side?
Mommy Andrea lights the candles of a really yummy
chocolate cheesecake she baked while Patrick (left)
looks on.
Yellowstone beach on Isla Montserrat offers helicopter
service....if you know the right people and have a lot of
Looking south in Bahia de Los Angeles at the lighthouse.
Sailsoon is at anchor in the
far distance
John scales a surrounding wall to climb the lighthouse. You
come down right now, Juanito!
Paul (s/v Tequila Rose) is either imitating the turtles or
crying out for a make the call!
A dormant volcano on Isla Smith  challenges people to
hike to the summit. Perhaps next time we'll do it!
Hassle free landscaping......using all natural bones
Now that's going Green!
Trophy fish tails adorn this proud person's camp!
While on a dinghy exploration of Isla Carmen we
encountered a baby whale frolicking with the dolphins!
Photo above and below is the same whale.
At anchor in V Cove, Isla Carmen. A delightful place but
pay attention to the clouds forming in the east. Heed the
into a sleepless night!
A diet of fish was common. John speared this Rooster
Fish (above) and then we were treated to a Dorado
(below) caught using a rod and reel. What treats!