“Tomorrow” turned out to be a week later before we could depart.
Instead, due to unusual weather, we had to go north 10 miles to La
Ventana to wait out southerly winds.  We arrived just before dusk and it’
s a good thing we did!  The several mile wide bay was littered with
fishing nets, which we dodged just in the nick of  time. Maneuvering the
boat around them was tricky, as there was a good swell running, making
it difficult to see the small buoys  (empty soda bottles) that marked their
positions. We only spent one  night there and then went back to Bahia
de Los Muertos for the following days to await a more pleasant weather
window for our passage.

Friends like Bob and Lynda (s/v Tahoma) and Dave and Kellie (s/v
Sweet Lorraine) made staying at Muertos a happy place when they
called to tell us they were coming by car from La Paz to spend the day.
They took our order for "extra specials" we now had a desire for,
including 6 gals. of  gasoline and a few bottles of wine. Other cruising
boats also placed their orders. The delivery service a few days later was
exceptional! They spent the day, had lunch, a few beers, strolled the
beach and played boccie ball before heading back late in the afternoon.

Finally, we had the break we were looking for. All reports indicated a
nice weather window; moderate northwest winds and clear skies for
several days in a row. Right? Sure! How could several forecasts from
various sources be wrong? We departed on Thursday, Dec. 6th at 6:00
AM sharp in the company of friends Ray and Janie of s/v Adios.  If all
went as planned, we would be in Isla Isabella by mid day on Saturday.
Heck of a long time for 255 nautical miles, huh?

Let’s not go into the details of the trip. Suffice it to say that we hadn't
really thought the storm which had started off the coast of Alaska and
pummeled the Pacific Northwest would have any effect on the Pacific
Coast of Mexico. But it did! Here we go with that learning curve stuff
again! The seas were very confused and uncomfortable. The swells
were large and came at us every other second or so. We made it into
Isla Isabela ahead of time, arriving at 9:00 AM.  

All I kept thinking during that passage was a bit of wisdom that Les on
Gemini shared with me and I quote  “nobody likes the passages but it’s
the cost of admission”.

Isla Isabela ….what a delightful place! Read about it and you’ll see what
we mean.  We have almost
forgotten what the trip here was like….
Leg 12_Part 2 - Bahia Muertos to Isla Isabela (the southern crossing)
Part 3 - Isla Isabela to Puerto Vallarta
The bearer of gifts from La Paz, Lynda and Bob of s/v Tahoma
The flock grew larger; the crowd a happy one! A few beverages
a were downed with lunch at The Giggling Marlin in preparation
for the Boccie tournament.
A view of Bahia de los Muertos from shore
Fishing is a primary occupation. From the smiles, you'd never guess it
was hard work, would you?
A school of bat rays were enjoying the anchorage as much as we
A bat ray doing his mating dance? They are fun to watch. At
times they look as though they are trying to fly!
Waiting out a "southerly" in La Ventana wasn't all that bad.
Look at the beautiful mountains!
On our first day out of Muertos pods of dolphins joined us
Dolphins love to show off and play
A sunrise after a long, cold night passage is a refreshing sight!
(see Isla Isabela under the sun)