Leg 11_Part 4 - Revisiting La Paz (summer in the Sea)
Summer in the Sea
November 18, 2007-November 27, 2007

We visited and stayed in many areas of  Baja California since Feb. 2007. Interestingly enough, when it was time
to go back to La Paz, John and I both agreed it was like “going home” after a nice summer. It’s amazing how
this small city can make you feel so welcome.

Our reservations with Marina Costa Baja were honored; we were greeted by the friendly staff and given the best
service we had come to expect. Once we were secured in our slip, we had a quick dinner and relaxed for the
remainder of the day. (we’re getting pretty good at that!)

We made good use of our time while in the marina. Our list of  “to do’s” had been prioritized and we kept it to a
minimum. As with any visit to civilization, shopping ranks #1. There were chandleries to visit and parts we had
to have to perform the tasks. Monday was spent going from store to store to obtain the parts. This is time
consuming, as it requires walking many miles. We could have taken a cab but there weren’t any free ones. : ) (it’
s all about budgets). Projects began the next day, including a rebuild of the head (toilet) among other things.


Bob and Lynda of s/v Tahoma organized a potluck dinner with a few other cruising boats at Marina Don Jose.
They did a fantastic job of creating an atmosphere of home. It was traditional in every sense of the word. They
even provided transportation to and from!  The work required to prepare such a dinner in a galley is a task only
the very brave can do well. And they certainly pulled it off. Thank you, friends!

Provisioning for the next voyage took place on Saturday. Again, thanks to Bob and Lynda, we had our very own
personal chauffeurs. They carted us to Office Max, City Club, Sorrianos and the One Price Store. While we
filled the back of their van with food and beverages, John continued to mutter, “ where are we going to stow all
this stuff?” He knows not to say that too loudly, though, as it causes tension and that’s not nice. The day was
topped off with lunch at Olympia’s, a new place in town, inexpensive and very good.

John’s birthday was on Sunday. He deserved to have a very special day but there were projects to finish so I’ll
have to make it up to him. We did enjoy a meal with Sam and Suzie of Catch the Wind in the evening. That was
fun!  John got a double scoop of chocolate ice cream at Thrifty’s on the way back to the shuttle pick up. We
hope to meet up with them on the mainland sometime in 2008.  For now, they are going north while we go south.

We’re leaving La Paz on Tuesday but have reservations to return in June 2008. It really is like home away from
Bob of m/v ZigZag along with Ted and Christie of s/v
Herrier guard the bar
Lynda and Bob of s/v Tahoma prepared a wonderful
turkey, dressing and fixings. Thanks, kids!
Everybody waited their turn in line..but it wasn't easy!
Some people (ok, all of us) went back for seconds
Jim and Doris of s/v Jim N I enjoying the fine meal
Doris, Lynda, Jayne (s/v Adios) Bob (s/v Yemiah) Bob
and John take a breather before dessert
Can you name this mystery couple? Sorry to say the
brain was on break when introduced.
A party is never complete without the good humor of
Ray of s/v Adios