Leg 11_Part 2 - Santa Rosalia to Bahia Los Angeles (summer in the Sea)
Summer in the Sea
August 21, 2007 thru October 14, 2007

We made it up to Bahia Los Angeles locally know as BLA skirting two hurricanes along the way. Luckily for us
and the 35 boats that stayed in the BLA area this summer it wasn't as hot as usual. We had just a handful of
nights that were repressively hot.
We made stops at Trinidad, Bahia San Francisquito, Isla Salsipuedes, Puerto Don Juan, BLA, La Mona and Isla
Ventana. Isla Salsipuedes was one of our favorite anchorages and spent several days by ourselves in the very
small North Slot anchorage. The water clarity was excellent and we enjoyed the large variety of resident fish and
beautiful scenery.
On September 3 the warnings for Hurricane Henriette were being sounded. Predictions were that Henriette
would be coming up the Sea and we needed to run for cover. We made the 40nm passage from our idyllic
Salsipuedes to Puerto Don Juan to hunker down for the blow. Puerto Don Juan is the best hurricane hole in the
northern part of the Sea. When we arrived there were 15 boats neatly anchored with floats showing where their
anchor was located. The next day there were 27 boats anchored and ready for trouble. Getting ready for a
hurricane is a lot of work. Besides the obvious necessity to be anchored well each boat needs to remove
everything that could blow away above deck during the 70+ kts winds expected. This took most boats many
hours to accomplish. John (Nakia), Tim (Holligan), Casey (Vig'er) and Dave (Sweet Loraine) dove each boat's
anchor, checked it and removed the floats and lines so they wouldn't foul. The waiting is the hardest part (Tom
Petty knew that). We had updates about every six hours on the forecast path of  Henriette. Sometime on
September 5 the hurricane passed some 150nm south-east of us. We had no significant weather and  were very
relieved that we didn't have to test our boats against the best of mother nature.
After the hurricane scare we move over to the BLA village area. A lot of boats gather here to be near the town.
It was great seeing our good friends Dave and Kelly from Sweet Loraine again. Thanks for a great dinner as
usual. We had a fun chili dog dinner over at s/v Flying Cloud with Eileen's homemade chili. Our first 'noodle
party' was at s/v Southern Belle. A noodle party is where everybody brings something like a pool noodle to float
on and gathers behind the boat to chat and stay cool. One morning we hiked along the beach to the Turtle
Preserve (Programa Tortuga) with Southern Belle, Guenivere and Flying Cloud. Unfortunately it's closed on
Wednesdays. We went back later with Sweet Loraine and found it open and interesting. The town itself is small
and dusty. It does have 5 stores to provision from with the 'Yellow' store being the best. Sometimes good
veggies were a little hard to find with shipments coming in just once a week. Bottled water is available for 10
pesos per 5 gal bottle from Dos Pinos.
We stayed near the village for a week then moved south to Quemada to find some good snorkeling and hiking
with Bill on s/v Peregrine.
Later we anchored off  La Mona beach in south BLA for a week just enjoying the solitude. The north winds are
starting to blow so we are heading south again. We stopped in Alacron, Isla Salsipuedes, Bahia San Francisquito
and Trinidad on our way to Santa Rosalia. We meet up with our friends Doug and Jill on s/v Guenevere in
Trinidad where they discovered a great little beach we named 'Guenevere Beach'. It's about 3nm north of the
south end of Bahia Trinidad and has good holding for the strong prevailing west winds there.
We are currently back in the Singlar marina at Santa Rosalia, ready to sail south. The water clarity in the Loreto
area is reportedly between 50-100 ft and we hope to get down there before it changes. On October 29 we will
rendezvous with  Jan and Vivian (s/v Capriccio) who are driving down from San Diego to La Paz to continue
their cruising this season. We will meet them in Puerto Escondido and later this year catch up with them on the
mainland of Mexico.
Please see
Bridgie's Babble-Sept. 2007 for more on this part of our trip.
Nice bull Dorado and a Little Tunny. Great fishing!
Some of the 28 boats (including us) that were waiting out hurricane Henriette in Puerto Don Juan September 3-6, 2007.
Luckily Henriette missed us by 150 nm to the south-east when it went over San Carlos on the mainland.
These are turtles that are being cared for at the Programa Tortuga Marina just north of
Bahia Los Angeles. One of the turtles released from this program in 1996 was tracked all
the way to Japan!
Isla Smith with Volcan Coronado
dominating the horizon.
La Mona beach, southern BLA.
The very private North Slot, Isla Salsipuedes....................................and South Slot.