Leg 1 - Ventura to Santa Cruz
Leg 1 - Ventura Harbor to Santa Cruz Island
January 31 2007
19.8 nm/4.0 hrs

Listen to the locals. The guy at the fuel dock said all the fishing boats turned around this morning except the
really big ones. Then looked at Sailsoon with a raised brow. Oh, we checked with the Travelocity gnome and
NOAA. Yup. Waves were breaking over the bow and the wind was howling. Had to furl in the head sail and
drop the main. About 8 miles out a large wave grabbed the (expensive) spinnaker pole and yanked  it overboard.
Should have had it in the chocks on deck, damn! What a way to start. Arrived in Smuggler's Cove after getting
absolutely hammered by 32 kt winds and 8-10 ft seas, a 5 hr sea lesson.
The gnome knows.
Fueling before departure.
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