Bridgie's Babble - Nov. 19, 2006

Hello to all of you who have patiently waited for a word
or two! I've been out of work since Oct. 13th and I've
decided to make the official announcement...I LOVE IT!
I'm not getting tired of sleeping in at all!

I was given a wonderful bon voyage party by my
employer, Regency Lighting (Purchasing Dept) and
would like to say thank you so much! Everyone worked
so hard to make sure everything was just perfect. I was
treated like royalty and didn't work at all that day (yup, I
got paid just the same!). Here is the update to the

Champagne remains on ice until we actually cast off the
dock lines. Then you can bet I'll be popping that baby
Maria Callender's empty pie plates...these will  not be
going back. They have been used for some many things
on the boat, they are part of the cruising plan now. They
make the finest cookware, mixing bowls, pot covers....
The ginger cookies were wonderful and were gone the
first week..what a surprise!
Wine is being stowed for desperate times. I hope that
doesn't occur the first day out.
Let's hope I actually get to use that suntan lotion and not
the seasickness pills.

I could go on and on.....but you all know that!

Thanks to my buddies and support group. I'll be
updating the website as time allows. We're making
progress and hope to be leaving soon.

There so much more to tell but I'll save that for the next

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