Bridgie's Babble - June 11, 2007
June 11, 2007

Time just flies by! Most of our trip is covered pretty well in other parts of the site so I'm going to move on to

Ray's Visit!

Ray (our favorite son from Ma.) flew in from Boston to Cabo San Lucas for a week at the end of May We rented a car,
drove the 3 hours to the airport and picked him up. The event wasn't without a small location problem but not worth
mentioning. We finally made contact at Terminal 3 and drove to Cabo San Lucas, about 20 miles from the airport. We had
lunch at a palapa on the beach so Ray could see where we had been anchored a few months before and get an appreciation
for the "traffic" in the bay. He could also go home and tell the  friends that, yes, he had gone to Cabo, be it brief.

After lunch we proceeded by heading north using Route 1 along the outside of the Baja Peninsula and made our way back to
La Paz. We made a quick stop at Santo Tomas but not long enough to get a real feel for the town, which we understand is an
"artsy" colony made up mostly of U. S. Ex pats. We were all tired and decided to move on without shopping.

Sunday we returned the rental car and took Ray on a walking tour of La Paz. Later, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at
the pool at Fiesta Inn, near the marina.

Monday we departed for Isla Partida. It was the first time Ray had been out sailing with us in several years...not since we had
been in Ventura. We had planned on setting the anchor in Partida Cove but there was a fierce S. wind blowing so we moved
on to Cardonel. There was a bit more protection there from the swells BUT there was a huge bee population. They knew we
had fresh water on board and they wanted some. All of their friends came.  We took the dinghy to shore, hoping the bees
would disappear while we hiked to the other side of the island.  No such luck. Although it was hot, we spend the rest of the
afternoon down below, allowing the bees free reign of the cockpit. Once the sun started to set, the bees flew back to the hives
and we were no longer held captive.We enjoyed dinner and some star gazing while sipping a couple of cocktails. Very fine!

At daybreak on Tuesday we were greeted to the hum of bees, hoping for the drink they missed the day before. We decided to
pull up the anchor and head for Isla San Francisco. The seas were flat and there wasn't much wind, which meant we had to
motor. This was a good thing, though! In the distance Ray spotted a whale expelling water from its blowhole..and then
another and another...."Full steam ahead to the whales" says captain John. Fortunately, it was also in the direction we wanted
to be going, as well.The experience was delightful. In addition to the whales, there were also playful dolphins. Ray had his
eyes on one whale in particular. It went under for some length of time and we thought it had disappeared when, all of a so
close, so BIG (35 feet?) and so LOUD! It then continued on it's way. Meanwhile, an orca was swimming by, passed the boat
and then made a U  turn. He came up to the transom of Sailsoon and swam directly along side for a few seconds before
resuming his regular route. We had never thought we'd see an Orca in Baja. They are very rare. After about an hour of whale
watching we resumed our trip, arriving in Isla San Francisco about mid afternoon.  Ray and John inflated the kayak so Mom
and Ray could do some paddling. We took turns heading against the wind towards shore and then let the kayak drift us back
to the boat. We did this several times.

We remained at this island until Thursday morning. We had been able to pick up extra snorkeling gear before Ray's trip out so
we spent some time enjoying the marine life. We also hiked along the ridge, taking photos and exploring the opposite side of
the island. One of the  other cruising boats in the cover was organizing an evening on the beach, complete with bonfire,
snacks and popcorn. We joined the festivities for about an hour and watched the sun set into darkness. We're pretty sure Ray
enjoyed his stay and the new activities, as he mentioned he could "get used to " the life.

On Thursday morning we headed back to Isla Partida. We had a repeat performance by whales in the same area. Again the
ocean was kind, allowing for full viewing of their movements. We still are trying to identify the species. It is very difficult to
snap photos when you don't know how long they will be submerged or where they will surface.  We anchored in Partida
Cove, took the dinghy to shore and walked across the island. Upon return, Ray decided to do some fishing from the boat but
met with no success. The fishing gear we have lends itself better to trolling rather than rod fishing. We didn't have fish for
dinner. (I wonder if Ray planned for that to happen?)  The wind picked up in the early evening to about 20 knots and
continued to climb all night.

It was still very windy, with lots of swell on Friday morning. We waited until 1 PM, hoping they would both subside, but that
wasn't our fortune. In any case, we had to leave and get back to the Marina, 20 miles away, as Ray had a plane to catch the
next day. The seas were ugly and right on the nose. We had to "bash" into them, which cut our speed constantly. We
averaged 3.7 knots for the entire trip, taking almost 6 hours for the passage back. We did arrive in time to take the shuttle to
town, pick up a rental car, have dinner at the very nice La Boheme and give Ray a quick "ride tour" of La Paz.

We departed the marina for Cabo San Lucas before 7 AM on Saturday morning. This time we took the "other" Route 1
which follows the Baja Coast. It is much more  picturesque, and offers curvy, windy roads.  We made a quick stop along the
route at Los Barriles, a fishing "village" on the upscale side. A very beautiful place, indeed! Arrival at the airport came a bit
too quickly, or so it seemed. We had a great visit with Ray. He was laid back and took everything in stride, including a "hard,
small" mattress and living in a boat with limited headroom. He even kept mom happy by applying sun screen and wearing a
hat! We will miss him and look forward to his next visit...
It's a long walk, Ray, but it's
worth it
Trust me..I know the way...................
few more years!
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