Bridgie's Babble - Feb 02, 2008

A Surprise Offering in Colima

In our search for an eating establishment we happened upon a block of restaurant equipment supply stores. Since our
departure last year we had been looking for a cookie sheet that would fit our small galley oven. The only one we had was
a broiler pan which accommodates 6 cookies at a time. It is also made of black enameled steel which results in cookies of
the same attributes....gooey on top and crunchy (pitch black) on the bottom. And, it takes a long time to make a batch of
48 since we have 2 oven racks but only 1 pan. We explained our search to the gentleman at Refrigeracion y Basculas
Ricsa who told us we'd never find such in the  dimensions of 9" X 14". But, alas! he had a solution! He could make us
one at his shop. After we got over the shock of such an offer being a serious one, I remembered:

A. We're in Mexico where it can (and does) take a long time for anything to happen. We had less than 24 hours.
B.  We're in Mexico and I have no idea what the material is that he will be making it from (it's that language thing again)
C.  Can I really recall the dimensions I need with accuracy? We're in Mexico..I haven't had to think too much.
D. Did I really want to take all these risks and if so, what price was I willing to pay?  A made to order piece had to be

The salesman (owner?) was a smooth talker. It was now 5 PM. He would have it ready by 9 AM the following morning.
For every minute I delayed my decision, it would add a minute to the eta. (sure,buddy..a minute or a day???)
With hand signals and a bit of  interpretation help from John, I was assured that the material would be quality stainless
steel. After all, not only did this guy run the show, he was also a chef so he "knew his stuff". Well, if this is true, so far,
so good.
Dimensions? Well, I can't do much about my failing brain except practice it and hope it works. Anyway, life is about risk,
right? The worst that will happen is it won't fit.
Then we came to a quoted price. 70, you say? Is that pesos or USD? There is a huge difference, ya know! It's pesos?
Are you sure??? I can have this maybe perfect solution of the US equivalent of $7.00?

I asked him to repeat back what my expectations were. Seemed like he had a good understanding, as did I.  We shook on
it. No, a deposit was not required. Just come back in the morning. Well, I had nothing to loose and everything to gain.

We returned the next morning at 9:30. The woman at the counter informed us that another 1/2 hour would be needed and
was that ok? (and if I'd said no? Please refer to item "A" above for concerns). We explained that we'd be touring the area
and return in the afternoon. She advised us that they close from 2 PM to 4:30PM for siesta but anytime before or after
would be fine. Because of the timing to tour the area and catch a bus back we were faced with a problem. Our only hope
was to go to the shop during siesta time and see if the doors were open to invite us in. This was  a LONG SHOT.
Mexicans take their siestas very seriously. We arrived around 3 PM. The woman at the counter smiled, indicated that she
had been expecting us and presented us with a fine piece of bake ware. We apologized for interfering with her siesta.
Wow! The price of 70 pesos held firm. I just hope it fits! And, darned! If we were staying for more days, I could have
easily given them more business. Imagine a place that hand makes stainless pieces. The ideas are endless!
You just never know what you're going to find. This was a jewel and we'll tell the world about it:

Refrigeracion y Basculas Ricsa
Araceli Garcia Muro
R. F. C. GAMA 610527 SI1
Fco. I. Madero 530-B   Colima, Col.

Tel. 313-02-60, Fax 314-38-58

All's well that ends well, too. It fits like a glove on the rack. So there is something to be said about my was
working that day!
Chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies were on the
menu as soon as we got back. Pizza will be the
next test!
I told you it was a perfect fit!
By the way, there were a few photos missing from our Colima page so I've included them below!
The way John scoffed down those grasshoppers,
you'd think it had been months since his last
meat encounter!
Just give me a moment. I need to convince my
feet that it was worth the trip.