August 21, 2007

Here's my memory just isn't what it used to be! I could have sworn my last update prior to August
had been July. Looking back, though, I'm just so dead wrong! Where does the time go? Christen (daughter)
reminded me last week that there are only 4 months left until Christmas. Are you kidding me? Nope, I counted on
my fingers and concluded that she's correct! Ouch! I feel like I just started this journey! So, if it sounds like I'm
leading up to an excuse, you;re right! I have no vivid  recollection of the last few months unless I look at the
photos....and since such a long time has passed AND John has done a fabulous job on the website, I feel that I can
remain fairly comatose and just report a few fun we go:  : )

All the anchorages are beautiful.  The sea life is abundant, the water clarity (for the most part) very good, we get lots
of exercise and eat/drink well. I never dreamed that Tang could taste so good.  And I eat oatmeal by choice..... not
because of doctors orders. I want to learn to spear fish....John makes it look so easy and the result is tasty!  A recent
trip to the doctor (swollen foot, unexplained) revealed I had lost 30 lbs and John had lost 20 lbs. Now, this is the way
to diet!

Thanks to Jayne of s/v Adios for the much needed haircut. If John hadn't been present, the results may have been a
bit different. However, since he was supposed to be getting a lesson in haircutting, I considered his opinion on length.
As it turns out, he was only able to take one photo (below) before he was distracted by Dave and Carolyn of s/v Que
Tal's African Adventures. The haircut, which took place during a birthday party at the old Santa Rosalia Marina,
went on without him.
Bridgie's Babble - August 21, 2007
I'm not sure what happened to
the hair color..used to be brown
and then red, then blonde....and
now it's just plain "au natural"
A special thanks to Dave and Kellie of s/v Sweet Lorraine.
They arraigned for us to get a slip here in Santa Rosalia, took
us around town and showed us the sights. They set up a
barbecue get together at the marina with the other cruisers. We
had such a good time and look forward to catching up with
them up north.
Doug and Jo of s/v Jenny
Paul of s/v Ryokosha playing some fine tunes
Jill and Greg of s/v Guenevere
George (s/v Southern Belle) and Bill (Mita
Kuuluu) getting ready to jam the night away.
Paul and Kathy of s/v Ryokosha, Melinda and George of s/v
Southern Belle, Kellie of s/v Sweet Lorraine
The one and only BBQ
coordinator, Mr. David Lewis,
s/v Sweet Lorraine
John and Bridget of s/v Sailsoon..yup, that's us!
Finally (it's late and I'm getting tired!), Thank you very much, Ilene and Jamie of s/v Flying Cloud for the wonderful key lime pie. It helped John
to recover from surgery and it certainly helped me be the nurse I had to be! It was delicious and we're looking forward to your next donation.

I'll write again soon......promise!
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