Bridgie's Babble - April 20, 2007

When a weather window opened up we decided to make our way to  La Paz instead of going across to
Mazatlan.  We headed north, spending one night in Frailles after a 10 hour passage and moved on to
Bahia de los Muertos, a 9 hour passage. Both were satisfactory; the weather was calm and the waters
clear. Unfortunately, there's not much to report on either of these places, as we hadn't spent any time
enjoying them. They were simply our place to rest and move on the following mornings.
Monday, March 26th, was the day we departed Bahia de los Muertos for La Paz. It was 6:30 AM,
John was hoisting the anchor while I was at the wheel, awaiting orders to move out of the bay. John
spotted a whale just off our bow..he (she?) had come to greet us farewell. I don't know what kind of
whale...but a BIG one! That had to be a good sign, right? It was! The 10 hour trip up the coast was
beautiful.  The scenery was fantastic, the weather out of this world. There were dolphin shows so
large that they created breaker waves in the middle of the ocean. Bat rays jumped out of the water,
reaching heights of 2' before splashing back into the deep. We experienced many displays during our
10 hour trip and we finally ended up at Marina Costa Baja, La Paz at about 4:30 PM. Of course, we
did have some navigational hazards during the trip, as well, which is John's department to report
about. That is ALWAYS front page news. : )

By the way, Mr. Gnome has recovered nicely and has a safer spot to reside on Sailsoon.

Few of my favorite things:
(this is a new section I've decided to add)

Thank you, Tim and Jen, for the Ove Gloves. They are perfect for the galley environment and are
used every day.

A special thanks to the extended Cawley clan back east who collectively worked to consume bottles of
Crown Royal so we could use the bags they came in. These are very handy and are used all over the
boat. Donations of a bag or two with full bottles will not be rejected (by the way).

Things I should have had and didn't:
(And this is another new category)

A measuring cup with metric increments. Ah, after all, how much is 750 ml's exactly, anyway? All of
the prepared soup mixes, powdered drink mixes, etc, call for metric measurements.

An understanding of what is considered a "cup" in metric.  A package of rice mix called for "tres tazas
medianos" to prepare.  Now, the direct translation is "3 medium cups". Medium cups? How big is the
cup? and why doesn't it just say "half cup"? Is a medium cup a half cup? Gosh, see where I'm going?
Bad enough that all the instructions are in Spanish. Now I have to guess at what they think a cup size
is! I'm afraid to go into the measuring spoon arena.............

Small, inexpensive pieces of jewelry for the poor, young girls in the remote villages. (I'm talking
costume stuff here, nothing fancy) They like to dress up and look pretty. Giving them money does no
good; there is no place to spend it and they like "the finer things".

Thanks for reading..hope it was fun!