Photos - Bahia San Juanico, Baja California
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Kathy + Paul, s/v Ryokosha
The only three houses in this cove at San Juanico are
owned by a woman from Spain and are for sale.
After 5 days alone in La Ramada Cove we came back from a
walk to these kids and their family enjoying a Sunday swim.
The 'Cruiser's Shrine' is a place for cruisers
to leave a memento of their presence here.
Paul and Bridget discussing the fine points
of fossil collecting.
s/v Celeigh (Jay + Janice) on the hook in
San Juanico.
Picturesque San Juanico.
Kathy on the hunt for
the perfect fossil.
A day at our beach at La Ramada.
We spent 9 days here La Ramada Cove
just north of San Juanico.
The bay at San Juanico.
La Ramada cove is still beautiful even when the north winds of fall keep any boats from
anchoring there.
La Ramada in the summer
La Ramada in the fall