Photos - San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico
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Our first port on mainland Mexico, San Blas ended up being
a great place to visit. It's a fairly small shrimp port (pop.
8,500) with a rich Spanish history. The entrance is shoal with
about 8 ft at low tide. (Line up the offshore buoy with the
range markers inside the harbor and then follow the
red/green buoys once inside. Don't go past the Pemex
station with more than 3 ft of draft.) Once inside the estuary
we enjoyed a very comfortable anchorage. Groceries, fuel
and spectacular wildlife viewing abound. We arranged a
panga(small boat) trip up the San Cristobal estuary to La
Torvara Springs with Hank and Betsy of
s/v Equinox. It
turned out to be the highlight of our stay. Highly
recommended (see photos below). We also explored the
San Blas estuary by dingy. After a week we decided to
move south to warmer latitudes.
The Jungle River Trip - Up the San Cristobol Estuary, San Blas
Cerro de San Basilio
At the top of this hill above San Blas are the
ruins of the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del
Rosario and its bell tower immortalized in
Longfellow's final poem,
The Bells of San
. (right)

Spanish guns in place to stop the marauding
French and British pirates of the 17th and
18th centuries. (below)
Huichol Indian Art
The intricate and colorful items below are made by
attaching tiny beads to beeswax covered clay or
wood and/or by winding yarn on to wooden sticks.
View of San Blas from the fort (Cerro de San Basilio) hilltop.
The San Cristobol estuary.
Our friendly, informative guide and panga driver, Jose.
Osprey in-flight.
Nice smile, huh?
Freshwater turtles.
Swamp raccoons.
Picture perfect iguana
Crocks love eco-tourism.
Where's the beef?................We found it!
Sweeter voices you'll never hear.
Virgin Guadalupe festival at the central plaza in
San Blas.
Every mexican town of any size we have been to has a central
plaza for community use.
S/v Adios at the fuel dock in the San Blas estuary.
Bridget hunting for and finding some fresh veggies at the local farmers market in San
Blas. That's a serious bunch of cilantro in her hand (she hates the stuff).
This street vendor in San Blas made deserts to die for.
San Blas has lots of shrimp. That one kilo
of shrimp on the scale cost us 70 pesos
Fresh fish is easily available.
Crocodile Nursery - Wildlife Refuge and La Torvara Springs
Crock hatchlings are released when they are about 5
years old and a foot long.
Blind, toothless and crocks with an appetite for human
are cared for here. This one is not blind or toothless.
La Torvara Springs restaurant and swimin' hole.