Photos - Magdalena Bay, Baja California
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Gloria helped us find our way around town.
The town of Puerto Magdalena. The desalinization plant
and pier reportedly here is inoperative and in ruins.
Yet another cutsie pic of Sailsoon.
The one and only restaurant in town.
Pretty good seafood. Really cold beer.
Shannon and Tony from s/v Sweetie leading
our dingy trip to see Bahia Santa Maria.
Our destination, Bahia Santa Maria, after a 1/2 mile hike
across the sand spit that divides Mag Bay from the Pacific.
The missing element from this picture is the overpowering smell of rotting bio-mass.
This part of the beach had algae gone bad on it.
The girls getting a free ride back. From L to R:
Kristina (Estrella), Shannon + Tony (Sweetie), Adam (Estrella)
Cruisers with nothing else to do love posing. L to R:
John (Sailsoon), Adam (Estrella), Tony (Sweetie), Sam (Catch the Wind)
Susie from s/v Catch the Wind with a prize sand dollar.
Bridgie looking for her prize in the tide pools.
Sardine fisherman in Mag Bay. The seals love to feed inside
the net then jump over as it is hauled up.