Photos - Loreto, Baja California
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Brad and Vicki, s/v Jojo.
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Mission de Nuestra Senora de Loreto Concho
The desire of a magnificent temple with thick stone walls and high
cedar beam roof, worthy of the California capital, came true in
1740 when father Jamie Bravo started it's construction. The new
precinct, with a very long rectangular floor plan and somewhat out
of proportion, was almost completely covered with sumptuous
decorations that included among other works, five altar-pieces
which made of this new building a very grandiose space for that
time. The chapel, next to the presbytery, was dedicated to the
Virgen de los Dolores, and here is where the sculpture of the
Virgen de Loreto, apparently brought by father Salvatierra is
kept. It is known that this meticulous missionary had a special
devotion for her. The Jesuits, who promoted her devotion,
encouraged to give the church her name. Her origin is linked to
the miraculous transfer of the house of Mary in Nazareth to Italy.
As a sample of the ornamentation, several magnificent baroque
paintings are preserved. The Jesuits in Mexico had them made
during the XVIII century and brought to Loreto 250 years ago.
(from a plaque inside the mission)
Kids of all ages love to pose. These locals were enjoying the mission (and the camera).
Hotel Posada de las Flores - Loreto
The Hotel Posada de las Flores in Loreto has a uniquely romantic interior.
The dock boys of Loreto.
The tourist tunnel in Loreto. Shop 'till ya drop.
Palacio de Gobierno at Plaza Civica.