Photos - La Paz, Baja California
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Sailsoon has gone soft. In this pic you can see some of the great
provisioning available here in La Paz plus a cable for internet.
The hotel lap pool terrace overlooks the Costa Baja marina.
(find Bridgie)
There are 'innie and 'outie' marinas. Marina Costa Baja is an 'innie',
This is the canal that was dynamited into the desert to create the marina.
Marina Costa Baja is a first class marina. Best we have ever seen.
The service is second to none.
Bridgie surveying the fruits and veggies in the public market.
One of the many meat markets in the public market. That
is a whole pig head in the upper right corner of the meat
case. 'And one little piggy went to market'.
Businesses along the malecon.
This malecon extends about five km along the beautiful coast
of  La Paz (The city of peace)
This mission was founded in 1720 by Fr Jamie Bravo, a Jesuit.
A couple of beers for the thirsty yatistas.
A rare glimpse of Juanito. Bridgie Babble with have the
details on this guy.
What could be better than an Irish Pub in Mexico?
La Paz displays beautiful bronze sculptures along the Malecon and throughout
the city limits. A small sample is below