Photos - Colima, Colima, Mexico
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What better way to celebrate a year of cruising than a road
trip? After all, we had just spent the last 365+ nights on the
boat. We were getting antsy for a land excursion that included
a hotel, hot  shower and bed. We decided on Colima as it was
easily accessible by bus and far enough inland to satisfy our
craving. Tim and Paula of s/v Hooligan offered to look after
Sailsoon in the Barra Lagoon. We were set to go.  We took
Primera Plus Bus Line, going second class to Manzanillo,
changed buses and then went on to Colima. The buses were
clean and comfortable. On the way back we took the ETN
Bus Line as a direct route. Now, this is the way to travel. The
buses are first class, offering plenty of space and individual
head sets for the movie. Bus travel in Mexico is cheap and
highly recommended.
Since we were only going to be gone 1 night, we had to make
the most  of our time. Hotel Hospedajes del Rey had plenty of
rooms and the price was right at $32.00. We plopped our
backpacks down, freshened up and then took to the streets in
search of a fine eatery.
La Compana Archaeological Site - Colima  B.C. 900 thru A.D. 800
One of the beautiful downtown parks.
OK, I guess I'll try it.
That's disgusting !!!
What do I do now ma?
I recommend the mole negro chicken leg dinner.
Ah Que Nanishe! Resturant- Colima, Mexico
Our fun waiter Guiermo.
Chapulines (grasshopper) tasting sequence.
All smiles after a superb chicken mole dinner.
Ah Que Nanishe! dining area.
Grasshoppers ala carte.
La Compana Site
We walked a lot! Several of the places mentioned in Lonely Planet had either moved or were no longer in business. Finally, we decided to
continue towards the outskirts of town for another recommendation.  Several hours later we arrived at Ah Que Nanishe! (translates to "how
delicious") that serves fantastic Oaxacan food covered in mole sauces. They also serve their version of a grasshopper tacos.  We sampled
the "chapulines" but opted for the mole chicken, a pork dish with red sauce cooked in foil and some type of mushroom torte appetizer. The
food and service were very good.
The following morning we checked out of the hotel, had breakfast at Fonda Lupita and located a bus that would take us to the La Compana
Archaeological Site.  See photos and captions below for the detail. We were impressed by the area that had been unearthed since 1947
since this was our first trip of this type. We were also glad we decided to visit in the winter as the temps hovered in the high 80's and the
humidity wasn't any lower. We spent a few hours  exploring before heading back to Colima's central area.
What trip is complete without a final stop for an icy cold frappe? The small coffee shop would have gone unnoticed expect for aroma of fine
coffee and a sign that said "Frappes for 20 pesos". And they had a photo of what one could expect. The photo did it no justice! This was the
equivalent of 3 scoops of ice cream with a punch of coffee. It was layered with chocolate sauce and topped off with whipped cream and a
cherry. You had to eat it with a spoon, not suck it through a straw. This was something that would have easily gone for 3 figures in the U.S.
"name brand" shops. We each had 2...shame on us...but we were hot and thirsty! We shared a wonderful bagel sandwich and a salad. Julio
kept the place ship-shape. The shop was clean and organized, his service quick, agreeable and pleasant. You would have thought he was the
owner; there was that much attention to detail. However, he said he was just a staff member. The owner of  Subito Café Centrico is lucky to
have such a good employee. He's bound to have return patrons.
The day was coming to an end. One final stop at Refrigeracion y Basculas Ricsa (see B_Babble)needed to be made.  Beyond that, it was
time to find the correct bus stop to return to the main bus terminal and head back to Barra de Navidad. We enjoyed the short stay in Colima.
Bus schedules, numbers and pick up/drop off locations for in and around the city would have been helpful. All the locals seemed to have
them memorized and were glad to help. However, since there are language barriers, a paper schedule would have been good.(for example:
on the "corner" doesn't necessarily mean the next "corner" or even a corner on this street) All bus routes cost 4 pesos (or U.S. $.40)..a real
Eventually we made it to the main bus terminal in time to catch the ETN bus. We were able to recline in our luxury seats complete with
extended leg room area, leg rests and individual headphones to watch the movie, in English. The trip, which took just under 3 hours, got us
back to Barra  in time for the opening night ceremonies of Carnaval.
Basilica Menor Spanish cathedral. Since 1527.
He played us a nice tune.
Jardin Nunez park.
Julio, the best cafe frappe maker EVER! (we had two each)
Subito Cafe Centrico corner of Madero + Barreda
Downtown Colima.
Do we really need to wait for Halloween?
This is a look inside the tomb. Including the human
sacrifical remains in the background. Yikes!
Entrance to the tomb.
The symbolic form of the rattlesnake carved in stone.
The floor and walls of structures here had clay coatings
with motifs made from local mineral and earthen
pigments. Now lost to the elements.
We just had to wonder what it would be like to walk
through here several thousand years ago.
A clear view can be had of the still active Volcan de
Fuego just north of the site.
The unearthed area of the 120 acre site covers about 12 acres. From Moon Handbooks "La Compana reached its heyday around A.D. 800, when it was a complete town with ceremonial
platforms, markets, a commercial area, schools, priests' and nobles' quarters, and residential zones for several thousand commoners."