Chiapas, Mexico Inland Trip
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We had been doing some research on inland travel, listened with envy to fellow cruisers' tales and studied the travel
guides. Mainland Mexico had so much to offer; culture, history, languages, flora and fauna. We needed to satisfy our
curiosity by making an and now! After all, we were as far south as we planned to go this season. So,
when the good folks off  s/v's Sweet Lorraine,  Hooligan and  V'ger offered to watch Sailsoon at anchor in Zihuatenejo,
our minds were made up. There is no time like the present, right? We decided to take a series of buses heading south
and then east to start our tour in the ancient Mayan city of  Palenque. We boarded the Costa Line Turi Star Sur bus in
Zihuatenejo at 4:30 PM taking the coastal route to Salina Cruz where we arrived 17 hours later at 10:00 AM. the
following day. ADO Bus Lines took us on our next journey, departing the same day at 2:15 PM with arrival  into Tuxtla
Gutierrez 6 hours later at 8 PM. We spent the night at the very nice, inexpensive Hotel Casa Kolping at the suggestion of
our taxi driver*

The next morning we were on the OCC Bus Lines at 11:00 AM to Palenque.  We finally arrived 6 hours later, quickly
settled for the nearest affordable room and settled in. We had left Zihuat on Saturday afternoon and finally arrived at our
"starting" destination, some 900+ miles and 50 hours later on Monday afternoon.

Tuesday we took the local combi (bus) to the Ruins. We arrived an hour before they opened and spent the whole day
exploring. Plans had been made to return the following day but Mother Nature decided to send torrential rains. The
locals were in agreement that this type of rain shower typically continues for 2-3 days. Given that info, we decided to
skip the Agua Azul Waterfalls and the Tonina Archaeological Zone. Instead we opted to get on the 9:30 AM OCC Bus
and travel to San Cristobal De Las Casas in the mountains at 7000'. Upon arrival at the bus station we were greeted by
a couple of young men who were soliciting rooms at their perspective hostels. We checked in to Planet Hostel and
stayed for the next 4 days. While in San Cristobal we took several day trips to the outlying villages and an organized tour
to  the Lagos de Montebello.

Our visit to the State of Chiapas was too brief. We had only covered a small area and we were out of time on our
10-day trip.   We still had 2 full days of bus travel ahead to return to Zihuat and Sailsoon. We took the 5:15 PM OCC
bus, arriving in Salina Cruz just after 1:00 AM. There was a vacancy at the posada across the street from the bus
terminal and we were able to get some rest. The following day we boarded an Estrella Blanca Bus at 3:00 PM and
traveled through the night. We arrived back in Zihuat at 9:00 AM, just in time for breakfast.

To learn more about the Chiapas area see the
Chiapas State Website

* NOTE: there is a new bus terminal in Tuxtla at the north end of the city. If you're using guide books for hotel and
eatery recommendations, be sure the reference point to those places are in relationship to the NEW bus station.
Otherwise you and your cab driver will become well acquainted! By the way, Hotel Casa Kolping is within easy walking
distance from the new bus terminal.
Palenque Ruins
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