Photos - Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
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From San Blas we made a 5 hr. passage to Bahia Chacala. Along the way the
weather was promising those sunny, blue skies that we’d heard we could expect from
the Mexican Riviera. The marine life was wonderful; pods of dolphins and whales,
turtles floating  by and an endless show of jumping rays. The anchorage, as many on
the mainland, was experiencing the Pacific swell. Once we set a stern hook and put
out the flopper stopper (on loan from s/v Adios), we settled in to stay a few days.
Chacala is a tiny fishing village with a sandy beach and several palapa “eateries”. The
area is surrounded by lush green hills and nice jungle hikes, one of which we spent the
day exploring. The trail started on the back side of Mar de Jade and worked it’s way
up a steep hill. We passed a house under construction that had to be worth several
millions and appeared to have been in the works for several years. It was built into the
hillside about 200’ from the beach and each room had been designed to look out over
the ocean.  Continuing up the hill we came upon an orchard (jack fruit?) on a well-
maintained and irrigated hillside. Once we reached the top we were treated to a view
of green pastureland that had formed in the crater of an inactive volcano.
This meadow is actually the top of an extinct volcano.
This ficas tree completely enveloped a column of this building.
Looking north towards the palapa restaurants of Chacala Bay.
South end of town.
We call this crazy construction. This is a small sample of a property in the hills south of Chacala that has been under development
'for over ten years by some ultra rich guy. There are thousands of tons of cement overhanging the 300' drop to the Pacific. The
older sections are already showing signs of failure.