Leg 7 - Turtle Bay to Magdalena Bay
Leg 7 - Turtle Bay to Mag Bay with a stop at Bahia Asunción
March 11 2007
60 nm/12 hrs to Asunción
211 nm/48 hrs to Mag Bay

It's was finally time to say goodbye to our friends in Turtle Bay. The weather was right and it was time to move on. We day sailed to
Asunción about 60 nm south. Arrived at 9:30 pm our first night arrival. Estrella, a boat we have been sharing anchorages with helped
guide us in. Thank you.
We hit the sack and were underway at 9:30 the next morning with Estrella on our heels. We ran into thick fog which stayed for most
of the day. The next morning we were contacted thru VHF radio by the owners of s/v Surfer Girl a boat that was anchored a few
hundred feet from us in Turtle Bay. We are sorry to report that s/v Surfer Girl grounded about 20 nm north of San Juanico during the
night. All aboard are safe and were taken in by a local Mexican family. According to the owners she is a total loss and they were
trying to salvage what they could. Our hearts go out to them.
This passage took us about 50 nm offshore so we were pretty happy to see Cabo San Lazaro, the point north of the Mag Bay
entrance. Once inside we headed for Puerto Magdalena about 8 nm north. We were disappointed we didn't see some whale activity  
on the way in. We dropped the hook next to s/v Sweetie who we had also shared anchorages with. Estrella arrived about 2 hrs later.
Pictures of our stay in Mag Bay
Fog in our wake.
Bahia Asunción
Getting the bad news about s/v Surfer Girl.
A well earned rest after a long watch.
Happy girl with Cabo San Lazaro in the background.
s/v Estrella in Asunción