Leg 1 - Ventura to Santa Cruz
Leg 1 - Ventura Harbor to Santa Cruz Island
January 31 2007
19.8 nm/4.0 hrs

Listen to the locals. The guy at the fuel dock said all the fishing boats turned around this morning except the really big ones. Then looked
at Sailsoon with a raised brow. Oh, we checked with the Travelocity gnome and NOAA; we're not idiots. Yup. Waves were breaking
over the bow the wind was howling. Had to furl in the head sail and drop the main. About 8 miles out a large wave grabbed the
(expensive) spinnaker pole and yanked  it overboard. Should have had it in the chocks on deck, damn! What a way to start. Arrived in
Smuggler's Cove after getting absolutely hammered by 32 kt winds and 8-10 ft seas, a 5 hr lesson.
The gnome knows.
At the infamous fuel dock.
E-ticket ride!
Santa Cruz Island on the horizon.