Bridgie's Babble - March 12, 2007

March 12, 2007

The weather window has improved and it's time to think about leaving Bahia San Quintin. Leave? Are you kidding? Go back out in
stuff ? Give me another 9 days and I'll think about it! Oh, wait, we're almost out of food so we must go on to Turtle Bay. Now,
there's a persuasive OK, let's get going. As I man the wheel and John hoists the anchor, a whale circles the boat,
coming within a hundred feet of it. Is this a good luck omen or ........ OK, I'm trying not to read too much into it so I put the thought
away. I don't want to spook myself or get up any hopes.

With one exception, the passage to Turtle Bay was pretty good. Santa Ana winds at 35 knots  were encountered as we approached
the mainland from Cedros Island. Waves were breaking over our port side, giving us (John more than I) quite the bath on several
occasions. This continued for about 2 hours until we approached the entrance to the bay.   For the entire trip  we had big, following
seas (8-10') but I guess I'm getting use to them. 33 hours and 180 miles later, we arrived safe and sound. While experiencing the
Santa Ana's, at least a dozen whales passed us on their way north. Too bad we couldn't stop to take in their beauty! Our goal was
to get out of that weather!

I loved being at Turtle Bay. We stayed there for 7 days. The weather was nice enough and it was teeming with wild life. Every time I
looked out, there were dolphins and seals swimming around or near the boat. There were osprey nesting on top of  an old utility
pole. We met Carlos and Mercedes of the Palapa Restaurant, who showed us a good time, took us "shopping" for groceries, beer
and all the other fine things one could hope for. Mercedes even gave me some tips on Mexican cooking, along with a bottle of sauce
and a can of snails. Yup, snails.  I'm telling's all about the food. (I may end up using them for bait..the picture on the can isn't
all that appetizing).  I was finally able to do some laundry, get on the Internet at a local café and just relax. This is the place where we
also got to finally meet the crew from Sweetie and Estrella, as well as those from other boats. As they say in Spanish, "no hay prisa"
(there's no rush!)

So, do I like this adventure? Well, the jury is still out on the sailing but I sure do love the destinations! I mean, take a look at the
photos..what's not to love?
First, you fill the bucket with sea water and let the sun warm it
up. Then you add detergent, clothing and swish, swish. Let it
sit for an hour or two. Swish again, scrub the stains and wring
out as much water as possible. Dump the salt water, refill with
fresh water, add clothes, and swish some more. Repeat
process until water comes out pretty clear.Wring very well.
Next, hang the clothes securely with clothes pins on the life
lines. Remember, our friend the
wind can snatch a sock quicker
than you can imagine! Wait about 3 days and your laundry will
be dry enough to put away. Since there is so much salt in the air,
no matter how hot or windy, the salt delays dry time.
One of many osprey we sited. Majestic Birds! You should see
the talons up close. Glad I'm not a fish.
Birds are drawn to the bait balls that swim in the bay. I'm  
always amazed at how  the pelicans dive at high speed
directly into the water for their food with such accuracy.
Although most of the houses are in disrepair, the schools are
in good, clean condition. This is the elementary school. The
classes are from 8 AM to 12 PM, Monday through Friday
A neighborhood home in the center of town. We were glad to
find we always had a place to dispose of our trash that we had
collected while underway.
The houses come in such a variety of bright colors. I
picked this photo because it's Mikayla's favorite color.
The people may not be rich in the sense we know it, but they
were happy and pleasant, welcoming people.
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