Bridgie's Babble - Feb 15, 2007
Feb.15, 2007

Ah, San Diego! It's just one of those cities I've always been fond of. We arrived a week ago  today and have done a bit of local
exploring. We've taken a guest slip at the Harbor Patrol Police Dock and plan to remain here until our departure to Mexico this
Saturday. The Police Dock is located on Shelter Island and just a short, 2 mile walk to all conveniences. So, we're doing the 5 mile
hike daily to get "provisions" and it feels good to get the exercise.  We've discovered a great, inexpensive place to eat called Gus's
Subs and Pizza. It is located on 1166  Rosecrans, practically at the corner of Shelter Island Drive. Gus's has quite a varied menu
which is  not limited to Pizza and Subs. John and I have eaten there 3 times; on each occasion we shared a meal and couldn't finish
it! Each time we were out the door for under $11.00. A real bargain!
I would highly recommend it to those visiting the area.

San Diego has a great public transit system;
The buses come often, are linked to the trolley system, are affordable and reliable. Knowing this now, I certainly would have spent
more time travelling from the LA area to SD via Metrolink in the last couple of years. Forget that LA traffic!

Did I mention that we went to the Air and Space Museum? Yup! And I made John pose for a photo! He is a good sport...

Anyone who knows me knows I love birds and the bigger, the better. Pelicans are everywhere, including San Diego Bay. I've limited
myself to one photo for the site, though.

One more thing you should know if you plan to stay at the Police Docks. The "rule", as explained to us (which disputes the cruising
guides), is that you MUST go to the Customs Dock, tie up and visit the Harbor Patrol Office, where you request and pay for a slip.
The first 5 days are at $10.50/ day and the second 5 days are at $21.00/ day. One cannot stay longer than 10 days in a 40 day
period. IF you arrive after hours (their hours normally being 8 AM to 5 PM, 7 days/week), you MAY NOT take an open slip or
remail tied up to the Customs dock until morning. You must seek other alternatives.The reality is this: people come and go without
regard to having checked in. They arrive at night or after hours, find an empty slip and take it ( I know this because a slip we had
paid for was occupied when we returned from a re-fueling outing). Furthermore, when the office had to be closed on a Saturday due
to an unexpected occurance (lack of manpower?), there was a note indicating that those taking slips were on the "honor" system and
they should take an empty, unpaid slip (how would they know that, you wonder??) and leave the pertinent info.
Don't get me wrong. The stay was wonderful and the personnel very helpful but we did get some mixed messages as to how to
proceed in the future. After all, we wanted to do it the right way..who screws with the police???

Lastly, internet connections. We pride ourselves in trying to find free wi-fi. That's what cruisers do. At the S.D. Police dock, we had
a great connection by having the satellite dish strapped to our boom. It worked just great until Mr.Big Boat came along and blocked
our view. Consequently, we had to move up to the grassy area of the Police Office,(it happened to be late at night but could have
been done during theday) point the dish across the channel and ..voila!!! a connection was made. So, if you're in the area, you will
have access to Internet!

That's it for now. I'll be back sometime soon!
Good sport John! What a winning smile!!!
Pelicans, very cool birds!
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