Bridgie's Babble - April 16, 2007
April 16, 2007

Well, I know it's been a while and there's a lot to babble about! Since I've been remiss about keeping the site up to date, I am
now going to summarize my thoughts on our final trip down the outside and into Cabo San Lucas. I have to do it now before I
forget what even happened!

The trip from Magdalena Bay to Cabo San Lucas was relatively uneventful. Long, but uneventful. Sure, there was plenty of wind
and unwanted  waves. But it was also the first time we were able to make the passage without our winter coats and gloves. The
sun was shining, pods of dolphins visited and vacation screamed loud and clear.  Can you imagine the joyous emotion I
experienced when we rounded the corner to Cabo and  we were FINALLY in a semi-tropical climate? If so, think again! Here's
what really happened.....we set the hook (anchor for those non-boating types) in the bay and I went down below to have a
nervous breakdown..yup, I sure did! Now, there was no single negative occurrence, especially of recent, that would have caused
this collapse. We had just completed a series of overnight passages, with this one, at 28 hours a much more comfortable one
than all the previous. So, what happened? Who knows!? All I can say is that it must have been building up and I just didn't have
time to confront my fears and, at times, the terrifying situations while in route. Now that we were safe and sound in Cabo, it was
time to crack and I did just that! After an hour or so of hysteria, I took a nap, we ate some dinner and settled in for a long night
of rest. In the morning I had recovered and was ready to tackle the next leg to Mazatlan, a 3 day crossing to the mainland, if
that is where we decided we wanted to go. I guess I just had to get it out.  John's strength, understanding and support  helped
me get through that late afternoon outburst (instead of throwing me overboard!). I am so fortunate to have  his love and I
admire him more every day.

I'm not going to write much on Cabo. If you like loud beaches, lots of jet skis and banana boats, etc, then this is the place for
you. However, being anchored in the bay in a sailboat is an uncomfortable experience. The tourists come from the cruise ships
and by plane to this beautiful place. They haven't been exposed to warmer weather and water in who knows how long. They
only have a week to "let the good times roll" so they do so on water toys with engines. And while they are doing so, they use
your boat as a turn around/show off point....a look what I can do!!! sort of attitude comes out. Meanwhile, you are trying to
make something  for breakfast, or get my point....and the boat is pitching left, right, front and back, like a hobby  
horse...from 7 AM until 8 PM. The wake that is caused from these "toys" makes everything and everybody on the boat hit the
floor! Let's not forget that the beach is lined with palapas offering 2 X 1 beers and liquors all day long, making the driving skills of
these energetic tourists much better (or so they think). Also, Cabo is expensive. The charges for all services including food and
meals is equivalent to Los Angeles and most establishments trade in U.S. Dollars, not Mexican Pesos. Suffice it to say that I was
anxious to move on to someplace else, which we did  5 days later.
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